Classic yoga and kirtan holiday retreat in undiscovered Crete


We organize only two retreats every summer, because we choose to preserve our energy and be able to nurture and give more to our participants. After all, a retreat is a place to make an inner new beginning, and this requires inspiration and energy. For the same reason, we do not have more than 12 participants in a retreat. 
Our gatherings happen in in very selected places that are chosen after our personal experience in them. The nature and vibration have to be clean, for the appropriate un-manifested conditions to be present. This is most important. So, you need to do some extra driving to get there. The studios we stay in, are naturally placed among trees and are full of gardens. It is a perfect place for a yogic retreat andyou will not find any night life bars or crowded beaches in the places we are retreating. Our retreat program is designed for those who need to have some peaceful holidays in a beautiful natural habitat and at the same time follow the path of their spiritual quest.
As your hosts and teachers, we have dedicated a long time of daily practice (sadhana) and trips to India to be with our Gurus. During this time, we have gained precious experiences that we are prepared to share.

If what you read above expresses your inner need, we will be happy to have you with us.

Hari Om Tat Sat 


Classic yoga and kirtan holiday retreat in undiscovered Crete

June 3-10, 2017 (eight days, seven nights)

Join us in a unique location at the island of Crete, an unspoiled secluded bay which hosts the ruins of an ancient Minoan palace. High vibration presides the area of maybe the last original non-touristic place on the island. Watch the sunrise every morning and let the light penetrate your entire being. Practice yoga near the beautiful sea. Take part in evening meditation and mantra chanting. Express your heart with live Kirtan music. Relax in a charming stone-wood studio under the trees, feel the healing sun at a peaceful sandy beach. An experience that will quiet your mind and calm your soul.

Yoga and kirtan, Vedic mantra and meditation, beautiful sea and sandy beaches, healthy organic food and natural stone studios among trees, are the highlights of this 8-day retreat that includes 7 nights accommodation and traditional breakfast. To explore more, the ancient Minoan Palace and the entrance to the gorge are at short walking distance. Yoga experience is not required.

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7day yoga and kirtan retreat in Crete, Oct. 2016

Vibrant Energy and penetrating Light, 7day yoga and kirtan holidays in Crete island, Greece

October 1-6, 2016

We will gather at a special location on the ancient Crete island, in the place where the energy is vibrant and the light penetrating to every part of our existence. The revitalizing experience will reveal a new path to our inner freedom. Unique location, yoga and kirtan, beautiful sea, healthy mediterranean food and stone cottage houses, are the highlights of this yogic holiday retreat, organized by Yoganature. Yoga experience is not required.

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Yoganature retreat November 2015 at Xolomonta

Φθινόπωρο στο δάσος
Αρχή της ημέρας με yoga και την πηγή ενέργειας των mantras. Αρχίζω να ξεχνώ από που ήρθα, βρίσκομαι στο Εδώ και Τώρα..
Η περιπλάνηση στα μονοπάτια με τις άγριες βελανιδιές, εισπνοή, εκπνοή, γαλήνη μέσα και έξω..
Απογευματινός διαλογισμός, ελαφρύς ο νους και το σώμα, Είμαι Εδώ Τωρα, δεν υπάρχει τίποτε άλλο και στο σούρουπο η εμπειρία της δόνησης του kirtan, τραγουδω, χορεύω, αφήνομαι, όλοι μαζί..
Δυό μέρες που θα μας φέρουν ένα βήμα πιο κοντά στον εσωτερικό μας στόχο.

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Summer Opening Retreat 03-05 July 2015

In the opening of this summer, we are pleased to organize a forest yoga retreat with meditation, mantra and music. Yoganature will be working along with the team ‘Om Yoga Studio’ to guide us through special energy locations in the forest of Holomontas. We will reside at a guest house exclusively reserved for our group.

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Yoganature retreat February 2015 at Rodamos

Happy New Year, with a warm heart!

On the last weekend of winter, February 27, we will enter together into Spring with a retreat that will have the idea of "Getting ready for the coming of inner Spring".
Yoganature is preparing a program centered in our inner Joy, the evaluation of the real importance of things, and the exercise on inner positivity.

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