satyananda yoga

Satyananda Yoga is a holistic style of yoga addressing the whole person not just the body. It is designed to meet the needs of modern humanity, combining modern scientific thought with ancient wisdom – resulting in physical well-being, mental, emotional and spiritual stability and self-discovery. Through Satyananda Yoga one learns to manage stress, tension and anxiety and find balance amidst the conflicts, turmoil and challenges of life. It encourages the development of awareness and brings yoga into our everyday lifestyle. Satyananda Yoga has been involved in numerous scientific studies and experiments collaborating with scientists all over the world.

" At one level of yoga there is discipline. At another level there is freedom. Freedom to smile, to live as you like.
So that is the wonderful world of yoga by people all over the world".

Swami Satyananda 


mantra meditation

Mantras are like programmed vehicles that transport us to spiritual realities, states of mind and heart that we often loose sight of, because we become burdened with cares or jaded by the perception of popular culture. Mantras enable us to cut through the illusions of the world.

Other therapeutic effects of mantra chanting lie in the tongue positions of pronunciation. The rich phonetics of Sanskrit strike the palate at multiple reflex points stimulating energy in numerous meridians that awaken dormant parts of the brain and enhance the circulation and flow of energy throughout our body.

The true purpose of mantra is to clear obstacles in ones spiritual growth and to usher in enlightenment or spiritual awakening. Healing and enlightenment are really two sides of the same coin: it is not possible to have one without the other. To commit to enlightenment is to commit to the deep healing so necessary to detoxify oneself on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Mantras can greatly assist in this process.Ultimately, mantras are the secret to immortality, for they serve as access codes to our deepest sense of self, our own indestructible source of existence in a divine, non-local reality.

(Russill Paul)


yoga for children

The practice of yoga with children is accomplished through game, stimulating creativity, developing cooperation and teamwork, helping to strengthen the body, cultivating attention, stimulating memory and concentration and giving emphasis on correct breathing. At this tender age, children absorb all the qualities of yoga and ensure a future balanced life.



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